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classicmoviegirl16: I came across your blog when I was looking for BDB stuff. Your images are well thought out and perfect for the series. You should design the BDB covers! Have a great day! Xoxo

:D thank you!! 

brother-vishous: Could you maybe make a graphic of Hannah and Jane on Jane's birthday when they played Ouija board and when Hannah gave her the birthday card and all?

I’ll give it a try! Might take me a few days to find all the necessary pictures and get it together. :)

…Blinking slowly, he discovered that at least he could see, the ceiling above coming into clear focus first before a lineup of concerned faces registered. Xhex was right by his side, his dagger hand in between her palms, her brows down as if she’d wanted to come into the midnight of his pass-out and drag him back to her.
As half-symphath, maybe she could do that. Maybe that was the reason he’d returned so quickly? Or had he lost consciousness for hours?…
…“John?” Xhex said. “John, lie back.”…

JM POV in The King, BDB series 

by J.R.Ward

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Xhex & John BDB

"Look at me being all lady-like."

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With a thrust, the Brother slammed his massive shoulder into the panels and set the thing flying, fragments of the locking mechanism falling in a scatter along with splinters of wood.
“Hi, honey, I’m home,” Hollywood shouted as he marched inside
Lover At Last (Black Dagger Brotherhood #11) by J.R. Ward

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John and Xhex scenes will still never cease to amaze me. 

Their bond and utter trust and devotion to each other.

Beth was even amazed with the way they spoke to each other without words.

Just tiny scenes in different books can make me spazz out.


That’s alright. I’ll love you enough for the both of us.

- Lover Eternal

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Artist: Anyae

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artist: Anyae

bdb minimalist posters | “Beth came across the mats, a long, lean female dressed in jeans and a white turtleneck, her dark hair the exact color of his. As she came closer, [John] could smell Wrath’s bonding scent on her, a dark perfume specific to her hellren.”

Being female was not a disability in any sense of the word. But he had treated it as such, hadn’t he. He had decided that because she was not male, in spite of all her qualifications and skills, she couldn’t go out into conflict.
As if breasts suddenly made shit more dangerous.

Lover Reborn (Black Dagger Brotherhood #10) by J.R. Ward

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bookscatcher replied to your post: Xhex/JM related spoilers from that Q&a…

but wait there. I don’t know but I think I happened to read an interview where Ward said that she has never said JM is actually Darius. But ohmygod, if you already read The King you can see it’s obvious so I don’t know why she wants us to think differently.

I think what Ward has said is that John will never figure out he’s really Darius. But we all know he is. She gets asked that all the time, even in that latest Q&A:

Q: Will JM ever know he’s Darius.
A: No, it would de-stabilize the world. I get asked that a lot. But I don’t think so…

I joined the fandom late, but I’m pretty sure it was confirm awhile ago!

Xhex/JM related spoilers from that Q&A…

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OH! What a day! WARDen has answered to lots of questions, and you’d be happy to hear we’re gonna get 3 more books for now!!! Praise be the WARDen!



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